When your child becomes a tween, parenting is a whole new world.

Is your tween’s behavior unpredictable? Do you lay awake at night with thoughts of peer pressure, school pressure, teen attitude, and the whole multitude of challenges that the years of middle school often bring?

You want to feel prepared for what is to come as the teen years approach.

It’s normal for tweens (or preteens) to struggle with the changes that occur internally and in their social world. You have a great child, but you’re worried that the preteen years will put a serious strain on your family and on your relationship with your tween.

You know that you need to stay ahead, stay involved, and stay aware in order to get your child on the right track. But, what does giving your preteen “independence” really mean? And how will all these changes work within your family?

There’s so much happening so quickly for your child, emotionally, socially, and physically. You want the tween years to be a healthy growth experience for your child. It’s time to get some answers and a plan together that will bring peace of mind to you and your family.

I’m here to provide a road map. I want you to feel confident that your tween is healthy, happy, and making good choices. I want you to feel reassured that your family can tackle the challenges together as your child grows.

Access vital tips, tools, and strategies in my e-book, 10 Fundamental Tools for Parents of Tweens: Essential Info for Successful Development. It’s an engaging and thorough guide with information about how to understand, communicate with, and support your growing preteen. I keep the focus on what you really need to know and on how to apply the information right away.

Families just like yours have used these tools to create healthier, happier lives.

Best of all, this vital information on how to help your tween is absolutely free.

This information can create change for the better within every part of your tween’s life, including your relationship with your tween. Each of the ten tools includes tips and examples. So, download, work at your own pace, and start understanding your tween today. 

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I’d love to hear from you about how this information helps you and your family! I’m excited about what the future will bring once you find peace of mind through use of these awesome tips.

– Kristine

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