College Prep Workshop: Carve Your Own Path with Teen LAUNCH

teen college prep

Carve Your Own Path:

Create the Life You Truly Want

A Personal College Prep Workshop Presented by Teen LAUCH

This is an interactive and thought-provoking workshop that will prepare you and your teen for a successful transition to life after high school. We will arm you with concrete tools and resources to support your student along his or her UNIQUE road to success. Our combined expertise will illuminate the big picture when it comes to your child’s development, education, and emotional and social well-being.

Through this workshop, you’ll learn to…

→ Define the roles and responsibilities of the student, parents, and other support, in order to make the most out of the teenage years.

→ Discover what obstacles you should anticipate and how creating a clear plan now will drastically improve your teen’s education and life experience.

→ Generate excitement around the process with a strategy that gets you and your teen onto the same page.

Get confident and clear as you cultivate your future success.



Hayden Lee ALC, Nick Soper and Kristine Tye MA LMFT 

Teen LAUNCH empowers teens to make the most of their educational experiences today in order to find fulfillment and success as tomorrow’s young adults.

As three young, creative, and driven professionals, we have combined our expertise into a fun and innovative approach to navigating high school and life after graduation. We equip teens and parents with the tools to address their most pressing emotional, motivational, and educational needs in a rapidly changing world.
When: January 30th , 2015

Where: West Los Angeles

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