Hello!As you may know, I am currently building my psychotherapy practice in a beautiful new office in West Los Angeles.

Along with psychotherapy, I am offering a FREE presentation for parents, which provides parents with information and tools for how to prevent, identify, and address risky behaviors of adolescents. If you are aware of any groups that could benefit from this forum, I would appreciate the opportunity to be in contact with them.
I am also pleased to annouce that my colleague and I are currently accepting referrals for our on-going support and psycho-education group in West LA for preteens, grades 5 through 7. We specialize in working with preteens, teenagers, and families with teens. This group provides support and information which is crucial for the success of young people navigating the social and academic pressures in junior high school. In this group, preteens will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences of struggle and success, as well as from the two experienced therapists who specialize in working with this age group.

This group is ideal for students who are planning to enter junior high in the coming fall, as well as for students who have been adjusting to junior high over the past one to two academic years.Image