Thoughts on Embracing Change and New Beginnings

(Blog Theme for April 2012)

Hello blog readers! This is the first post in a series of blog entries surrounding the subject of Embracing Change and New Beginnings.

This month I will be addressing a number of topics, including the following:
Battling Fear and Indecision
Dealing with Unexpected Life Changes
How to Deal With Doubt
Staying Under Control During a Difficult Time


“Change is inevitable, growth is optional” – John C. Maxwell

Change is occurring in the world around us every day. Occasionally, there are significant changes in our lives which drastically alter our personal world as we know it. Changes in our lives can bring about new hope for a relationship, rewards for our hard work, or relief from a stressful situation. A change may also mean that we are experiencing a devastating loss, a disappointing rejection, and intense pain in our lives. Sometimes change can involve all of the above.

So how do we cope, and thrive, in the midst of significant changes and difficult decisions throughout our lives?

Unexpected Changes: When life gives us an unwelcome surprise

When we experience an unexpected change, our concept of what is safe, expected, or usual can be turned upside down. When life surprises you, is it possible to embrace the positive (the potential of the new situation) rather than to feel paralyzed by the possibility of a negative outcome?

Here are some helpful tools:
– Look for people who can offer a listening ear to validate how difficult this time is for you. We are not meant to do everything by ourselves. As you begin to overcome the challenges that you face, these people can help you to celebrate your accomplishments.
– Reconnect with something in your life that, in the past, has brought you a sense security, belonging, and hope. It might be a religious organization or a daily ritual that helps you to gather your thoughts. Sometimes we neglect these things or take them for granted when life seems easy, and when chaos strikes we ironically forget to seek out those things that help us to feel safe.
– Don’t be afraid to try something new. It may be anything from a joining a weekly jogging group to researching a new. It may feel like you don’t have time because of what you are dealing with, but time spent on caring for ourselves helps us focus more easily and be more productive during the time that we do take to focus on problem-solving.
– Find a support group or a therapist who can help you to navigate your situation and to make steps in the right direction.

What are some difficult live changes that you have gone through in the past, or that you may be going through right now?

What things are you doing to help yourself and to accept support?

What things might you be doing that are draining you even more during this time of stress?

I will continue with more thoughts on dealing with changes next week. Please email or reply with questions or comments for me to address in future posts!