Hi, I’m Kristine.

I’m here to help you understand your emotions and to navigate through life with confidence.

You’ve been trying to make things work. You find yourself feeling frustrated, exhausted and sometimes completely powerless. My approach is about helping you focus your effort on the things that really work for you, starting with small but profound steps that set you on the right track. We determine these steps together by combining my knowledge and experience with your personality, desires and strengths.

My specialization is in anxiety treatment. I understand the ways that anxiety, stress, worry and negative thinking can impact life and relationships. Also, I know how the right changes can open doors to a higher quality of life. My expertise is in guiding adults and teens who struggle with anything from occasional worry and stress, to crippling panic, OCD, eating disorders, or major depression.

Teens need a therapist who they feel “gets” them. I connect with high-achieving and high-stress teens to help them learn to respond to their emotions and manage their time. I also guide withdrawn or unmotivated teens to set meaningful goals and to take steps toward them.

I also guide parents with a unique parent coaching approach that provides concrete solutions and approaches that build connection and respect. We’ll cut back on the frustration and information overload and get your family back in balance.

My master’s degree in psychology is from Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles. After the years of practice at internship level following my degree, I acquired my state license as a marriage and family therapist. Continued years of training and experience have helped me learn how to achieve the best results in my approach to therapy and counseling. I incorporate strength-based and solution-focused approaches, along with attachment-based healing modalities that can address past and present trauma (both minor and severe). I use my knowledge of how our minds, brains and bodies process emotion and interactions, bringing deeper healing and lasting clarity and confidence for adults and teens that I work with.

When you work with me, we will keep a healthy balance of understanding the present while taking action toward the future. The authenticity and respect that I bring to the therapy space will keep you engaged and help you create the change that you want in your life.

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