Solutions and Support for Parents of Teenagers

You want a peaceful, respectful home environment for yourself and your teenager. Is this too much to ask for? You and your teenager are both struggling to catch up with all that is happening, and you often butt heads on obstacles like attitude, rules, grades, sex and dating, and, of course, the ever-present smartphone.

It makes sense that you feel exhausted, frustrated and stuck!

You’re caught up in the storm of your teen’s adolescence. There are many changes happening in your teen’s mind, body and life. Much of this is probably normal, and some of it may be a symptom of a bigger concern. Either way, nothing can quite prepare you for this time before you’re already in it. There is far too much happening all at once for you to respond as best you can.

 Sometimes your teen’s behavior makes no sense. Communicating with them is difficult – or nearly impossible. You feel the a power-struggle between you. What are you supposed to do, take away all of their freedom? Let them go completely wild? You are feeling less able to control them, all while they seem to be acting more out of control.

 The chaos is avoidable. Parenting your teen doesn’t have to be a war zone. Don’t be ashamed that it’s come to this point, because you are closer to a solution than you think.

 Getting along with your teen and teaching them to be a responsible human is possible, and it is possible right now.  

 Waiting it out until they reach adulthood is often a dangerous mistake. Your teenager’s current thoughts and behavior will create their enduring view of themselves and of the world. What habits are they forming when it comes to how they treat themselves and others?

 Don’t miss out on opportunities that you have now to help your teen face the world in healthy ways become responsible, thoughtful, healthy ways—and learn vital tools for transitioning into adulthood.

 No more guessing. No more late-night stress sessions spent worrying or arguing. No more “What the heck is going on with my kid?!”

 You can take action now with a plan that offers clarity and relief.

 Raising your teen is journey of joy and heartache. Let’s create more positive memories than painful ones.

 As a parenting guide for parents of teenagers, I take the mystery and chaos out of parenting your teen. We will focus your energy on the things that actually work for you.

 The tools that I guide parents to use are designed to simplify everything related to parenting your teen. Living with your teen will actually require less effort than you’re expending now—once we get things on the right track.

 Getting specialized support can transform your relationship with your teenager. You can get answers and access hands-on, useable guidance, accountability and support. You’ll feel more connected to your own intuition as a parent, while gaining more respect from your teenager and teaching them to have respect for themselves.

 How this works:

I approach parent consulting from the perspective of a therapist specializing in teen counseling and family communication.

 This will be your space to bring in any question (from “Will they ever clean their room?” to “What’s the deal with sexting?”). Most importantly, this will be your place to create a thriving, loving parent-teen relationship.

Tools designed specifically for parenting during the teen years will be tailored to meet your unique needs. We will make a plan for approaching rules, building respect, fostering healthy communication and cooperation, expectations for school, home and social life, and the topics that mean the most to you.

I offer one-on-one counseling, co-parenting consultation and family counseling with your teen involved. I’ll help determine the best approach for you in order to to better enhance the communication and support system for parents who are navigating teen parenting together.

Imagine feeling at ease when your teenager walks in the door instead of tense. Imagine more time celebrating achievements and less time negotiating arguments. Let’s take purposeful steps that get you to a happy, healthy relationship with your teenager now and throughout the days to come.

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