Is Stress Or Worry Impacting Your Lifestyle and Well-Being? 

Do you often feel nervous, uneasy or under pressure? Are you tired of energy on planning, over-thinking and worrying? Do persistent, negative thoughts or fears impact your relationships with friends, co-workers, a significant other or family members? Perhaps you are wondering if you will ever escape the fear that keeps you from fully living life. Do you ever wish you could just get through a week – or even a day -without that familiar tension and stress?

Whether worry and anxiety are new to you or if they seem to have walked along side you throughout your life, counseling and anxiety treatment can offer clarity, healing and change.

Sometimes life events bring about intense stress, which may intensify just how much anxiety you’ve been carrying. You may be a student feeling crippled under the weight of the expectations coming from family and professors. Perhaps you are a parent hoping to balance your demanding day and create a more peaceful life for your family. Or, you may be an individual feeling isolated due to ongoing fears about relating to others.

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Anxiety comes in many forms, large and small. Sometimes anxiety seems to be connected to current or past traumatic situations. You may feel like stress and worry have completely torn your life apart. Alternatively, you may appear to be a complete success, but experience internal turmoil and struggle to find peace. There are many names commonly used for difficulties that involve anxiety, such as: stress, worry, nervousness, fear, panic, insomnia, OCD, PSTD, restlessness, irritability, among many others.

Although Common, Anxiety Can Become A Dangerous Enemy

It is widely known that things like stress, nervousness, difficulty sleeping and social anxiety have a great impact on many people today. Our culture values top performance, heavy workloads, and the push to achieve and acquire more. Even though we are increasingly aware of the disastrous impacts of prolonged stress on physical and mental health, many people are still stuck in a pattern of constant movement and scattered thoughts.

While countless people are familiar with fear, worry and stress, and could benefit from working with a therapist, others are struggling more intensely and truly need support. The level of stress or fear experienced on a day-to-day basis is quite excessive for a person with a mind plagued by anxiety. Perhaps friends or family members tell you to simply not worry, or to just let things go. These loved ones likely mean well, but may not understand the internal battle that anxiety creates.

Anxiety can allow situations and thoughts to spiral out of control, and is often accompanied by a cycle of sadness, frustration and isolation.

It can become a force within your life with the ability grow to the point where it is truly dangerous – limiting your life to a great extent and draining hope. Anxiety also leaves you unequipped for times when others around you are struggling or when life takes an unexpected turn. Breaking the cycle depends on you taking a proactive step. Anxiety treatment and counseling can prevent a downward spiral, offer relief and make a significant impact on your life and future.

Anxiety Treatment Provides Effective Tools and Genuine Relief

A unique therapeutic space allows for lasting, healing change. Together we will identify your strengths and explore existing strategies for managing worry and stress. This helps to illuminate hopes and goals that are realistic and meaningful to you, and our work will build upon this foundation.

I can help you to identify and address the thoughts and feelings that feed your over-active fears, persistent negativity, and sustain your stress.

Vital discoveries can be made that allow us to explore your deepest needs, hopes and fears. You can come to better understand how to meet your needs, which can begin to reduce the power of anxiety in your life. Also, you may be quickly surprised by how rejuvenating, meaningful and enjoyable the counseling and anxiety treatment process can be.

The balance and peace that you crave is possible when you open up to the support that you need. I work with people of all ages, with all levels and form of stress, anxiety, depression and more.

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There is so much that you can accomplish in a safe place for exploration and with focused plan for change.

With help, you can feel more like your true self, an increased connection to the people or groups that have value to you, and more in control of your own internal and external experiences. You may believe that you or a loved one could benefit from counseling, but still have questions or concerns…

“I think that anxiety treatment could help me, but I’m concerned about my ability to pay for it and about how much time it will take.”

It is a common concern whether the benefits of anxiety treatment will out way the cost. However, I encourage you to look at anxiety treatment as an investment in yourself and your future. Keep in mind that long-term stress has significant impact on the health and well-being of both yourself and those around you. If worry, negativity or fear is impacting the choices that you make, effective anxiety treatment can offer relief. If stress is robbing you of energy, joy and peace, then investing in change may be crucial for you. You may come to deeply appreciate the work that you do for yourself in counseling and anxiety treatment, and see that even some of the seemingly small changes made will have a significant influence.

We might chose to embark on a long-term anxiety treatment journey together, but change and relief may take less time to achieve than you think!

I commit to making the counseling process meaningful and worthwhile to you, and I will design and adjust the process in order to best address your needs.

We can set both short and long-term goals, focus on that which is most necessary for you, and continuously check-in on progress. Anxiety treatment is also a preventative measure. Taking the proactive step of beginning counseling can prevent future distress and prepare you for new situations.

How do I know if anxiety treatment is necessary for me?

An initial counseling assessment will help us to determine the nature and severity of your anxiety. I will immediately consider and explore with you the extent to which I feel you may benefit from counseling, and how to move forward. We can discuss your potential hopes and goals, explore concerns, and work toward determining possible solutions.

I’m unsure about how to start this process and don’t know whether I really want to try counseling.

Frequently there is hesitation about beginning anxiety treatment, even if you do feel confident that it would help you. I invite you to allow yourself to explore with me what anxiety treatment counseling could look like for you. There is no commitment to continue counseling at any time, other than a commitment that you may make to yourself.

You and I can discuss the potential benefits of counseling during a free phone consultation. I’m happy to answer any questions that you have about anxiety treatment and my practice.

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