Are You Concerned About Your Teen’s Behavioral And Emotional Health?

Is your adolescent (or preteen) behaving in ways that confuse and concern you? Is he or she struggling to navigate academic, emotional and/or social pressures? Maybe your teen is withdrawing, lashing out or making unsafe choices. Perhaps your teen is experiencing intense worry and anxiety. Do you feel disconnected from your teen? Are you worried about your teenager’s future?

Do you wish you could determine whether your adolescent is facing a problem deeper than just hormones and growing pains?

Often the adolescent years bring overwhelming fear, anger and confusion. Teens sometimes turn to harmful behaviors or disconnect from the world around them. These troubling behaviors can be accentuated by life changes, such as family separation, a move or a troubled relationship. Alternatively, these behaviors seem to take place for no reason at all. A struggling teenager may have peer and family relationships that are suffering and grades that are fluctuating.

Many parents crave to know whether their child needs help and what type of help can really make a difference.

Seeing an your teen losing control of his or her emotions can be frustrating and even terrifying. There may be frequent arguments, dishonesty and emotional pain emerging in your parent/child relationship. Trying to understand your growing teen can be an overwhelming struggle. You may feel incredibly angry, sad, exhausted and even indifferent – all in the course of one day.

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Struggles Are Common During The Critical Teenage Years

It’s possible that your teen is feeling just as confused or upset as you are. The period of adolescence has long been commonly characterized by its ups and downs.

While it’s true that teens typically experience mood swings and difficulties along the way, unhealthy patterns can be created, which pose a larger threat.

Most adolescents could benefit from counseling, but some teens are in true need of help. Peer pressure, struggles at home, puberty, and other life events may pose a threat to your teen’s potential for success. Getting support before a concern becomes a severe problem can help to create a strong path toward a successful adulthood.

Teen Counseling Provides You And Your Teen With Tools and Guidance

The unique space of teen counseling invites and allows your child to make crucial discoveries and experience lasting, healing change.

As your teen’s therapist, I can identify and address the deeper emotions and struggles that your teen is facing.

Together, we will begin a process of building a foundation of effective communication tools, self-awareness, respect for self and for others, and an increased understanding of healthy ways to respond to life situations.

It is powerful for an adolescent to recognize that he or she is capable of influencing hos or her environment and situations in positive ways. This realization allows for growth, change and success to occur. Your teen and I will also identify and explore his or her strength and enhance them through the application of strategies in various settings within his or her life. As your teen explores possibilities, gains positive life experiences and discovers his or her potential, it becomes easier to take more responsibility for personal well-being and future goal-setting.

I can also work with you and your teen together to help heal and strengthen your relationship. We can explore the hopes that both you and your teen have, and employ specific, powerful strategies to enhance your parent/child communication and connection and set your teen up for future success. Sometimes, family counseling will be recommended, especially if there has been a significant change in your family system. Family counseling offers an opportunity for setting goals together and witnessing each other’s growth.

The peace and success that you desire for your teen or preteen is possible.

Your teen can begin to feel like an important and valued part of the communities that he or she values. Your teen can form a deeper understanding of emotions, relationships, expectations of self and others, and develop healthy ways to manage tough feelings or heal from trauma and pain.

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You may believe that your teen could benefit from counseling, but still have questions or concerns…

I think that teen counseling could help, but I’m concerned about the time and money it may take.

The adolescent years are a critical period for developing a worldview and a sense of self. An investment in your teen’s future at this time is, in many ways, of unmatched value.

It’s not only an investment in your teen’s future, but also in the future of your family and your relationship with your teen.

I do all that I can to make counseling an accessible and worthwhile resource for my clients and their families. I can adjust the process of therapy to address your teen’s particular needs, establish both short and long-term goals and continually assess the productivity of our counseling endeavors. A proactive step toward healing and success in your teen’s life can never come too early, and it can help to prevent further trouble along the path to adulthood.

How do I know if this is a phase that my teen will grow out of or if something more serious is occurring?

In an initial therapy assessment, I can determine the nature and severity of the situation and issues at hand. I will immediately consider the extent to which I feel your child may benefit from counseling and determine what he or she may need to address in our work together. A prompt and thorough exploration allows me to identify signs of something serious (or not), which I will discuss with you and/or your teen.

Even if your teen’s experience can be explained as normal adolescent behavior, ongoing behaviors and challenging emotions can lead to more severe problems, which can be prevented by proactive measures such as teen counseling. The resources and tools I provide and can co-create with you (and your teen) will be useful and provide insight and relief right away.

What if my teen refuses to go to counseling?

It is not uncommon for teens to resist therapy. However, it’s quite common for teens to deeply enjoy and appreciate therapy once they establish a relationship with their therapist. If your teen is struggling, healthy development may depend on a new experience where he or she feels heard and is able and willing to access the support that is needed. It may be best at first to gently yet firmly explain to your child that counseling is something you are going to try out.

It may be a struggle at first, but once in my office, teens usually begin to view therapy as a positive and productive experience.

I invite you to call for a free phone consultation or to schedule your first appointment so we can explore how therapy can help your teen. I’m happy to discuss your specific situation and needs, and to answer any questions you have about teen counseling and my therapy practice.